Posteado por: Esperanza Jhoncon | mayo 7, 2015

The entrapment of US power

One of the US political strategies were as follows: “”If you see an opportunity, grab it! Don’t let it go away.” And this recipe has been used hundreds of times, even domestically. Probably the two most important example of this policy have been the supposed defeat of Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union by the United States. But that’s the story that the US propaganda machine would have us to believe. The truth of the matter is that Nazi Germany was already defeated when the US entered into the European war scene. Nazi Germany had made a gross mistake of invading Russian territory in the middle of adverse conditions. Both sides lost millions of lives. But the US seized the opportunity to lead the allied forces and crowned itself as victors of WWII, and thereby declaring that the US “began its history” as “saviors of the world”, liberating us from Nazi tyranny from the political point of view; and conquer all the world markets for its huge industrial production from the economic point of view.

On the other side, the American propaganda has made us to believe that the Soviet Union was defeates by the US, whereas the Soviet Union collapsed itself because of their incompetence of the State apparatus, a bad policy of integrating its former members, the inability to form strategic and consensual alliances and, of course, the corruption and mafias througout its system. Then, George Bush was so hurried to declare to the public opinion that the end of the Cold War had resulted in the triumph of capitalism and democracy all over the world.

The US wanted the identity of a “victory nation”, and they got it. The US world hegemony was achieved. Today, they have 872 military bases around the world, and its military budget is greater than the eight industrialized countries combined. However, now the situation is different. They can not hadle much, because other powers have been strengthened. Certainly, Russia hangs in the balance, by the isolation to which it has been subjected by US (with the backing of NATO forces), due of the sanctions on regard to Ukraine-Crimea issue. Therefore, Russia needs to rely on China, based on an old strategic alliance. Meanwhile, Russia plays a chess board (a game of which they are experts) in order to evaluate the options. But, to my point of view, China will not engage in any war because its foreign policy, “sacramentalized by Chou Enlai since the CCP took power, is the “peaceful coexistence”. China needs peace for development, and will play all its cards for keeping world peace. Among them, the most important card is its condition as main US creditor. Nobody says it, but China is holding the US economy.


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