Posteado por: Esperanza Jhoncon | noviembre 16, 2013

Latin America dilemma

I really would like to share your optimism about the perspective of Latin American countries, dear Helga Maria. As you say, there is always a “hope” in Latin America for a better future, but the region use to be a “half a way”. It’s like a never ending process of development. No matter if it is the right or left wing on politics. It’s a question of cultural approach or mentality. Latin American people are so ambiguous and ambivalent that you never know what to expect on the scenario. It has been said that our countries are still “undone”, many things are left undone, because politicians don’t dare to take the right decision, don’t dare to take responsibility over the country by themselves. Our Latin American countries are so dependent from foreign capital & investment, from foreign technology, from foreign cultural pattern, that have ignore or abandom their own resources to compete properly into a very competitive economic world. We do not have any stability, because our democracies are extremely fragile nor we have powerful independent institutions and our judicial system lacks of credibility and transparency. In sum, there is much to do in Latin American countries, however the question remains unsolved: How to get unity and a consensus to boost development?


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