Posteado por: Esperanza Jhoncon | noviembre 15, 2013

An article about China on The Economist

What we should understand about China is, on one side, that the problems are faced collectively through the political bureau, and not by only one man: Xi Jinping, as “The Economist” has mentioned in its last magazine. The changes in China don’t depend anymore on the leadership of the president nor the prime minister, as it was in the era of the personality cult of Mao Zedong or the audacity of Deng Xiaoping through economic reform. On the other side, the Chinese government will undertake the necessary changes to maintain social stability and the legitimacy to remain in power. Since the incidents in Tiananmen (1989), the Chinese government has learned to read what the people want. At that time, Chinese people wanted freedom, so the leaders gave economic freedom to the people, enabling them to produce and to trade freely. Now, Chinese leaders know perfectly that they have to improve the living conditions of people each year, as a necessary measure for the people to renew their legitimacy in power of the CCP. In china, political power can not be taken for granted.


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