Posteado por: Esperanza Jhoncon | octubre 16, 2013

New World Order

We are in the middle of a deep international recession. The traditional world superpowers (Europe, USA and Japan) are undergoing a profound crisis, and this crisis is spreading out over the rest of the countries. The latest emerging countries: BRICS have not enough strength to create a stable international community.

The economic and financial system is collapsing. The political system is unable to produce a just answer. Inequalities have worsened everywhere. What’s next? Although it sounds apocalyptic, disaster looms.

There are voices saying that the huge US fiscal debt should be deleted. But, what about the large debts of Third World countries? Full development for these countries is impossible due to the debt they have to pay year by year, a long time ago. They can grow up economically, and in fact Peru, for example, is growing at a 5.5 to 6.5 rate. But economic growth is one thing, and development is another thing.

Third World countries are uncapable to compite in the international market. They lost the race of industrialization as well as tecnological revolution. China is likely the exception. But China has no capacity to absorb system deficiencies due to overpopulation. We seriously need to build a new world system based on justice, peace, equity and solidarity.


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